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Landscaping refers to the process wherein we modify the visibility of an area of land. By modification, we mean beautifying living elements, such as flora or fauna. It is the art, and craft of growing plants. It assists in creating a healthy environment.

Why should you go For Landscaping?

No doubt about the fact that it enhances the beauty of space. It defines the beauty of space in a unique way.

Most importantly, having plants in your environment, contributes to your health in a number of ways.

Do you have a small area which you wish to beautify with greenery? Don’t worry! Vertical Gardening is the solution. It provides a great opportunity for small areas.

It helps to maintain and conserve the energy and efficiency of environment.

If done in a well planned manner, it can control temperature of environment as well as help in upgrading the soil.

A landscape’s arrangement does not just make things beautiful, it can affect the environment as well as social behaviors.


We offer following services in landscaping:

Gardener's Services
Vertical Gardening
Terrace Landscaping
Lawn Designing Solutions

5 facts about landscaping:

  • Landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of your house.
  • Landscaping focuses on creating a green cover.  Thus, it improves air quality.
  • A tree providing shade to an outdoor air conditioner unit can increase its efficiency by as much as ten percent.
  • A research shows that after a stressful day at work, natural elements likes tree and flowers benefit humans by resulting in fewer ailments and headaches.
  • An hour of weeding, burns about 300 calories and an hour of pushing a lawn mower, burns about 500 calories.

Go For Landscaping With Albero:

We at Albero, provide you with high-quality landscaping services. We have a professional and dedicated team that help you in defining the beauty of the environment.

As they say, “Green India, Clean India,” so contact us and make your surroundings greener. 

“Gardening is any way that humans and nature come together with the intent of creating beauty.”