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Tree translocation is a process in which trees are uprooted as a whole instead of being cut down, and re-planted at a different location.
Ramchandra, the managing director of Green Morning Horticulture Services Private Limited, gave his valuable words about tree translocation-
“During a random conversation with a friend of mine in Australia I mentioned my feelings about this to him. He introduced me to the idea of tree translocation and after doing a lot of reading about it, I set up the Green Morning Horticulture Services Private Limited, which offers professional help in landscaping and tree translocation.”

Hyderabad- Vijayawada highway case:

I would like to draw your attention towards one of the cases of tree translocation happened in Hyderabad.
In 2009, during the construction of Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway, the need arises to wide the existing road.
This unfortunate incident hurt a resident of Hyderabad, named Ramchandra Appari. He decided to do something to stop the indiscriminate felling of trees.

He started reading and learning more about the process of tree translocation. While learning about it, he found that a solution to the cutting of large trees exists with humans for many centuries now. However, this is not popular in India.

But Ramchandra took it seriously. As a result of this, Since 2010, Ramachandra’s company has transplanted 5,000 trees for governments, and individuals.
Hence, he has put his money into running the Green Morning Horticulture Services Private Limited. It is a company based in Hyderabad that specializes in tree translocation. It has a team of enthusiastic Horticulturists, Agri Researchers and Strategy Leaders. So far it has successfully transplanted 5500+ Trees and still continuing. Till now he has translocated more than 93 different species with an average survival rate of 80%. Thus, in this way, he is majorly contributing towards the environment.

Hence, we also need to understand and learn about tree translocation. In this way, we are able to work with the development of urbanization without harming the greenery and health of the environment.

How Albero May Assist you?

Albero provides best tree translocation services both in U.P. and in Uttarakhand.  We are equipped with highly-qualified manpower and machines. Besides, we also provide other services such as tree plantation, landscaping and environment conservation. In this way, we are always ready to save trees and conserve nature. For more details, visit our site.

Hyderabad Vijayawada highway case
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Hyderabad Vijayawada highway case
In 2009, during the construction of Hyderabad Vijayawada highway case, the need arises to wide the existing road. Therefore, a large number of trees were...
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